April 21, 2011

getting stronger

assalamualaikum followers ! :)
today was the day i want to tell u what i feel now..
as what ? as a single girl that had been left by his ex-boyfriend..
seriously, i've never been this way before..
bkn la xpnah kne dump..
tp, kli ni lgi trok la..
why ? hm.. what do u feel when someone told u that he want to marry u ?
bring u to meet his mother ?
get to know his big family ?
introduce u to his friends as his wife ?
treat u like a princess ?
hm.. yes.. only mirul did that to me..
i miss him..
yes.. i admit that.. but,
i can accept that he is not mine anymore..
to the girl that has been stolen his heart, congrats..
its hard for me to say goodbye to u mirul..
but i take it as a challenge in my life..
thank you so much mirul..
if u didn't this to me, i wont realize i stupid i am coz letting u hurt my heart...
let u to cheat on me..
trust u although we are miles apart..
thank so muchhh... :)
hope that u will live happily with ur new one...


sitihalisa said...

be strong dear! :)

chocolove said...

strong enough.. maybe ? =)