December 30, 2011

End of 2011

Sat, Nov 31 / 1442pm

Salam Readers + Followers !
Hopefully that all of you are having so much today
Today is the last day of 2011
To be honest there a lot of happiness than sadness during this year
I had someone that know me better than I though
I had someone who teach me how to wake up from thinking of something that is not important
I had someone that teach me that we can't easily trust strangers
I had someone that teach me how it feel when we not at the top of what we are
I had someone that can comfort me when I'm not okay
I had someone that I can rely on
I had someone that can make me smile without reasons
I had someone who accompany me when I had a nightmare
I had someone who teach me how to respect people
I had someone who teach me how to be more focusing on what I want to achieve
I had someone who teach me to become more happy on what I have

Some people might know that I already broke up during March
But I already wake up from sadness on April
Which is, on my birthday
I had Faiz who calm me when I'm not okay
I had Imran who make me happy
I had Reza who teach me to forget the past
I had Ariff who teach me to become more inspired
I had Shah who teach on how to treat people without hurting them

So, on this becoming new year
I really hope that I can improve my weakness
I really hope that I can graduate on time
I really hope that I can a good Muslim as what Allah want me to be
I really hope that 2012 will make me happy more than year 2011
I hope that I can spending my time more with my love ones
But I know what I plan now its not going to happen without my efforts
Allah give me this opportunity to become more grateful in life
Allah plans the best for me and I plan the best for me too
We can't change the fate but if it is for our own good in future
InsyaAllah, Allah will helps us
Thank you Allah for the gift that you've gave it to me

p/s : yesterday was past, today is planning, tomorrow is future

xoxo, L

December 29, 2011

#5 quote

why is it so easy to hold on and fall for someone and so hard to let go?

xoxo, L

ada aku kesah ?

Thur, Nov 30 / 0145am
Salam Readers + Followers + Bloggers !
Entry tengah malam ni tak ada apa-apa maksud pun..
Lya just nak bagitau kat korang..
Lya dah private kan blog lya nih..
Yes ! mostly hanya bloggers sahaja yang dapat baca entry lya..
Nak kata hebat sangat sampai ber-private bagai tak lah..
But don't worry ! lya buat bukan untuk permanent la..
Sampai masa nanti lya buat untuk everyone eh ?
Eh jap.. dah private caner korg nak bace kan ?
Adoy.. tak pe lah.. 
Lya tak kesah la orang nak cakap ape pun..
Ok dah.. tak leh lama-lama..
Ada orang dok bebel.. 
Huhh.. penat otak aku tak fikir..
Till we meet again !

p/s: aku sayang kau lah incik hospital ! bodoh ! 

xoxo, L

December 25, 2011

petanda ?? tak mungkin lah..

Sun, Nov 25 / 1550
Assalamualaikum semua !
Hari ini kita berbahasa ye..
Supaya orang tak ada la nak cakap kita ni bergalak tak tentu hala..
Okay, lya baru je balik dari kenduri kesyukuran..
Pergh.. ada lauk kambing panggang..
Ye, lya makan kambing panggang..
Sedap woo.. part lemak tu paling best la..
Ini lah untungnya badan kurus..
Makan banyak mana pun tetap gak kurus..
Berat tetap gak tak naik..
Ha.. jangan jealous eh..
Bak kata mama, "dah genetik kurus nak wat macam mana."
Awesome me ! Thank you Allah !

So, bila dah berkenduri dan makan-makan..
Adalah satu kebetulan..
Tapi tak akan la kebetulan kot..
Mana tak nya.. 3 kenduri berturut-turut lya pakai baju ikut tema..

1st, wedding cerremony cousin punya cousin..
Tema mereka, putih + gold..
Lya pakai baju warna krim..

2nd, wedding ceremony abang myra semalam..
Warna ungu.. baju lya merah hati..
Tapi lya selitkan gak warna ungu..

3rd, kenduri kesyukuran tadi..
Warna khemah, pink + ungu..
Lya pakai maxi warna yang sama..

Seriously, korang rasa petanda apa ek ?
Sebab lya cakap kat mama, nanti turn lya pulak..
Hahaha ! harapan la.. tunggu habis belajar dulu ye..
Tak payah nak kalut-kalut nak nikah..
Education lagi penting weh ! 

Ok lah.. tak tak ada apa-apa nak bagitahu dah..
Eh jap ! tadi lya jumpa Catriona Ross..
Cantik ! mungkin dia sedang mengandung..

Take care semua !

p/s : nak lepak laut -.-"

xoxo, L

December 24, 2011

mini reunion [3]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0411am
Salam !
Again ! thank you for keep on reading my blog !
So, when we walk out from the ceremony..
We meet up at Wangsa Walk..
Sercet Recipe !
Seriously, it remind me when I was teenager..
I always stay there while waiting for additional classes..
Yes, we love taking pictures !
my fav ! tiramisu !
While we are busy chit-chat..
Suddenly amer come and join us..
Seriously, he is totally changed !
The fact is, he is so handsome..
Ohh.. I just can't believe it that he is so thin !
I mean, that was not him from the last time I saw him..
3years ago i guess ? *salute !
 Then amer have to go.. because his friend was waiting for him..
Then we start to talk about our ex-class-mates..
We can't remember all of them..
So I decide to write their name on tissue paper..
Only 43 names.. but my friends keep on saying that our class has 44-45 person.. 
yes, I'm left-handed person. any complain ?
 I totally can't remember who are the rest of our classmates
 Arina was so hyper yesterday..
She make all of us laugh all the time..
done by me

Thank Allah..
Finally, I've finish updating my blog..
Thank you lysa, arina, myra, sue, aine & jehan for yesterday !
I'm so happy ! until I forgot him..
Going to miss you all of you !

-->note, i notice someone took my picture without my permission at the wedding ceremony & secret recipe. i hate it lah wey !
p/s :HERO, sorry ! I'm too busy spending my time with them. 
pp/s : Myra, thnx for the invitation !
ppp/s : Mr. mestisyoksendiri, thank you !

xoxo, L

mini reunion [2]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0323am

Salam !! 
Thank you for continue reading my entry !
Ok, after we had a photoshoot, we decide to wait until the bride came..
This is what happening while we wait..
credit to arina * luv it !

so beautiful !
jehan. sue. aine.
They came before the bride walk in..
the bride, Remy & Suraya
another photoshoot

everyone was looking at myra's hp.
But seriously, all picture taken inside the room was candid..
Okay, from inside.. to outside..

new way to do peace. *my new fon ! HAHA !
 Lysa was looking at my phone ?
I'm wondering what did I type when she's looking..
Oh my ! I think I should more focusing at camera..
aine. lysa. sue. jehan.
Almost 3hours we've been there..
with the bride =)
Congrats Remy & Suraya !
May Allah bless you on your wedding..
We hope that it will last forever..
Can't wait to see myra's new nephew !

p/s : our mini reunion not end yet !

xoxo, L

mini reunion [1]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0240am

Salam Readers !
Merry X'mas to all non-muslim !
Okay, I know on my last entry, I said that would be the last entry for this year..
But I can't stop blogging..
Seriously, I'm will update my story when something happen..
And yes, something happen..

As you can see my title, 'Mini Reunion'
Yesterday was myra's brother's wedding !
Yes, the wedding theme that I should wear purple color..

Yap ! that's me ! 
I came with lysa and arina.. 
oh my ! my inner shawl was awful !
Meet myra, arina and lysa !
They are my bestie for ever !
I won't join any reunion or event that related with the girls without them..
Seriously, they are my strength after my family.. *luv !

After we had finished our meals, we decide to had a photoshoot..
my phone was ringing
model ? 
this is why I love both of them !
arina's photoshoot =)
lysa's photoshoot =)
me !! =D

Persada Mutiara

p/s : there's a lot of picture and situation. continue reading. from bottom to top okay ? hehe..

xoxo, L