December 24, 2011

mini reunion [3]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0411am
Salam !
Again ! thank you for keep on reading my blog !
So, when we walk out from the ceremony..
We meet up at Wangsa Walk..
Sercet Recipe !
Seriously, it remind me when I was teenager..
I always stay there while waiting for additional classes..
Yes, we love taking pictures !
my fav ! tiramisu !
While we are busy chit-chat..
Suddenly amer come and join us..
Seriously, he is totally changed !
The fact is, he is so handsome..
Ohh.. I just can't believe it that he is so thin !
I mean, that was not him from the last time I saw him..
3years ago i guess ? *salute !
 Then amer have to go.. because his friend was waiting for him..
Then we start to talk about our ex-class-mates..
We can't remember all of them..
So I decide to write their name on tissue paper..
Only 43 names.. but my friends keep on saying that our class has 44-45 person.. 
yes, I'm left-handed person. any complain ?
 I totally can't remember who are the rest of our classmates
 Arina was so hyper yesterday..
She make all of us laugh all the time..
done by me

Thank Allah..
Finally, I've finish updating my blog..
Thank you lysa, arina, myra, sue, aine & jehan for yesterday !
I'm so happy ! until I forgot him..
Going to miss you all of you !

-->note, i notice someone took my picture without my permission at the wedding ceremony & secret recipe. i hate it lah wey !
p/s :HERO, sorry ! I'm too busy spending my time with them. 
pp/s : Myra, thnx for the invitation !
ppp/s : Mr. mestisyoksendiri, thank you !

xoxo, L

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