December 24, 2011

mini reunion [2]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0323am

Salam !! 
Thank you for continue reading my entry !
Ok, after we had a photoshoot, we decide to wait until the bride came..
This is what happening while we wait..
credit to arina * luv it !

so beautiful !
jehan. sue. aine.
They came before the bride walk in..
the bride, Remy & Suraya
another photoshoot

everyone was looking at myra's hp.
But seriously, all picture taken inside the room was candid..
Okay, from inside.. to outside..

new way to do peace. *my new fon ! HAHA !
 Lysa was looking at my phone ?
I'm wondering what did I type when she's looking..
Oh my ! I think I should more focusing at camera..
aine. lysa. sue. jehan.
Almost 3hours we've been there..
with the bride =)
Congrats Remy & Suraya !
May Allah bless you on your wedding..
We hope that it will last forever..
Can't wait to see myra's new nephew !

p/s : our mini reunion not end yet !

xoxo, L

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