December 24, 2011

mini reunion [1]

Sun, Nov 25 / 0240am

Salam Readers !
Merry X'mas to all non-muslim !
Okay, I know on my last entry, I said that would be the last entry for this year..
But I can't stop blogging..
Seriously, I'm will update my story when something happen..
And yes, something happen..

As you can see my title, 'Mini Reunion'
Yesterday was myra's brother's wedding !
Yes, the wedding theme that I should wear purple color..

Yap ! that's me ! 
I came with lysa and arina.. 
oh my ! my inner shawl was awful !
Meet myra, arina and lysa !
They are my bestie for ever !
I won't join any reunion or event that related with the girls without them..
Seriously, they are my strength after my family.. *luv !

After we had finished our meals, we decide to had a photoshoot..
my phone was ringing
model ? 
this is why I love both of them !
arina's photoshoot =)
lysa's photoshoot =)
me !! =D

Persada Mutiara

p/s : there's a lot of picture and situation. continue reading. from bottom to top okay ? hehe..

xoxo, L

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