September 10, 2011

Jonker Walk !!

11September2011 / 0156am

Salam to all muslim, Followers, Readers, Friends & Stalkers !
*eh, np tbe2 lya ltak stalkers ??

erk ? no answer for that, sorry ! my housemate asked me to put that 'stalkers'..

what are u guys trying to hiding from me huhh... aigoo !~

ignore bout that okay ??

lets begin this entry with the fresh started in my new life..

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to God that finally..

I've found someone that could take a really good care of me till death !

who ? my Rainbow
when ?? how ?? where ??
whoa ! to many question huh my dear ??

sorry.. i cant answer all ur question..

its private..
*respect yee

"hello miss.. back to ur title boleh tak ?"
hahaha ! sorry !

I didn't realize that I've talk too much that not related with mt entry..

okay, enough ! wake up !

#meet, JONKER WALK !! haha ! ignore that sexy lady okay ? + blur -.-"

i just came back from Jonker Walk with my Rainbow.. yes, i am a little bit tired but i had so much fun !
*why ? i had an extra class (8.30am till 4.30pm).. life as student.. accept it ! future !

#yes, that's me !

meet me on the other side,

#tgk la rainbow saye.. ngade btol soh pgg pyung skli.. grr..
oh yeah ! someone told me..
"Hold this umbrella b'cz I want to be like it just to protect you from any weather."
haa.. kan ! touch isn't ?

okay. i'm sleepy + tired

done, 0332am

p/s : this entry is fully in English.. requested by my friend.. aigoo !

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