October 16, 2011

*sepintas lalu [2]

monday 171011 / 0109am

Salam Followers & Muslims !!
Okay, this is my 'sepintas lalu' part 2..
why ? because i have no time to type..

okay, bout this entry..
actually this what had happen to me yesterday..
i meet him !!
"is that mr.E lya ??"
yes !! it is ! it was him !
fuhhh ~ what can i say bout him..
but 1 thing for sure, he is a kind person..
although i'm not comfortable the way he look at me..
but i love the way he is..
being himself..
"where did u meet him ??"
i meet him at flamingo superbowl..
"u won the game ?"
erm.. i didnt won the match..
he won.. but i dun mind at all
because only 3 different point with my point and his point..
then we decide to eat..
at the nearest is mcD..
and something happen when we decide to eat at mcD..
oh my ~ only Allah knows how i feel that time..
thank God it was not too far..
but hey ! i'm tired !! grr ~

eh ! it just past 0145am..
ok then peeps !
i've got to go..
niteynite !!
luv yah !!

p/s : thankyousomuchfortodayMR.E!
pp/s : okay,although my english was not good as yours, but at least i'm trying isn't ? do correct my spelling if there is any error.


bahiyah.nur said...

MR.E ? reveal cepat siapa ! :P

chocolove said...

wait and see ! tp jgn berharap sangat yee.. baru nk kenal2 =)