November 19, 2011

the beginning ~

Sunday, 20.11.2011 / 0414am

Salam Muslims, Followers, Readers & Fans !
"Erk ? fans ? Ur motif mel ?"
HAHA ! sry laa..
I'm just happy right now !!
Weee ~ thank you ! thank you !!
*I just can't stop smiling
Okay ! First of all..
Today was a nice date dun ya tink ?
[20112011] - new status !
HAHAHA ! This is so not going to be happen to me !!
But it was ! Oh my, i just can't stop thinking of HERO..

#HERO in heroes ~

"Mel, who is Hero ?"
HAHAHA ! He is nobody laa... I guess ?

So, 'The beginning'.. What is that supposed to mean ?
It mean, that I'm going back to London !
With the new spirit..
I really do hope that I can face the test that had been given by Allah..

Mama, I'm sorry if I'm not the that u can rely on..
I'm gonna try my best on what am I doing..
There's no one know what had happening to me when I was there..
I don't wanna make u too worried bout me..


p/s: thankyousomuchfortheopportunityHERO!

xoxo, L

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