November 27, 2011

Olimpik [1] : M'sia v Bahrain

Sun, Nov 27 / 2253pm

Salam Muslims & Readers !!
okay, the soccer has just finish !
serezly, i didn't expect that Bahrain will won this game..
on the 1st half, M'sia [1] - Bahrain [0]
i just tot myb we might won this game..
when the 2nd half begun..
M'sia lead with 2-0 to Bahrain..
then the last 10minute Bahrain has showed their skills..
with 2 goal within a minute..
and that was sooo unbelievable !
and lastly, Bahrain score another goal ..
yes ! M'sia [2] - Bahrain [3]
but thats okay ! although i'm sooo sad with the result..
but hey ! i'm proud to be M'sian !
oh ya ! the scorer for M'sia was Nazmi Faez & Mahali !!
"who was that ?"
#Nazmi Faez *sorry, no photo of Mahali
okay then, till we meet again on my next entry !
next week i guess ? 

p/s: HarimauMuda!! <3

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