February 22, 2012

Finally ~

Thur, Feb 23 / 0340am

Salam Readers !
Nighty morning !
Haaa.. you might not believe that I'm updating my blog early in the morning 
Seriously , I just finish up my assignment
It is because I have to refer those questionnaire of my assignment
There is a lot of thing I to refer regarding to the problem statement, objective and so on~
If I told you, you might be not understand what the hell I'm talking about
Yes, for those who still studying may know what I'm saying
Sorry LOSER ! I think you should apply to continue your study
From that you will know how hard being a student
Far away from family
Just because you are staying with your family, it doesn't mean that you are matured enough

Toddler moron ~

p/s : are you translating my blog to Malay ?

xoxo, L


Anonymous said...

oh lia, aku lupa kan kau budak U.. Hehehe !

chocolove said...

oh baru tau ke ? pity you ;)