April 19, 2012

You Are Priceless

Fri, 0048am / 20April

Assalamualaikum Muslims and Hello all !
Its been too long I'm not updating my blog. Actually, it is not too long.. only 2 weeks..
But still, I miss blogging ! There's something that made me up for not blogging earlier on this month..
Now I'm here ! sharing my moment with you..

So ! Earlier on this April, which is on April 7th . My mum, aunts, uncles and cousins were going to Mecca. I've told you on the previous entry didn't I ? If not, I'm sorry. My bad. Around 9am we leaving to my aunts house nearby Bukit Jalil Stadium. After having breakfast, we were leaving  around 10am. Because my mum said that they have to be there on 11am. Yet we were arriving at KL International Airport on 10.45am. While waiting for others, we have some chitchat, photography session and so on.
*others picture will be not uploaded due to the haters.
this picture taken by my cousin while others were busy talking

Around 1.30pm, all of them has to check in and for their flight at the departure area. My mum text me on 2.40pm, and she said that they are on board. All I can say is, I really hope that my mum are save. When they are already check in, me and my cousins leave the airport and make our own way. At first we are about to go to some place that can all cousins spend our time. But we are directly going home. At night only my sister going out with them because I'm sleeping. too tired I guess.

When my mum are not around, I really feel lonely. Usually around 2pm my mum will coming home. At least I can talk with her. While Rocky, our cat, keep waiting my mum coming back from works in front of the door. Seriously, I know that Rocky missed my mum so much as my mum was the one who taking care of him and protect him if my siblings were bullying him. He is so annoyed but we love him !

And now, after 2 weeks my mum, aunts, uncles and cousins have done their Umrah, they will be coming home tomorrow. Hold on, if I'm not mistaken yes they will coming home tomorrow or maybe day after. Unfortunately, I not there when they are arrive. I'm in Perth right now. Seriously, I miss my mum so much !! Yes, I'm growing up with her. She is the only person I loved. I don't mind at all if she didn't buy anything for me as she told me earlier. I just want her to safely arrive. Not only her, my family members too. 

Dear Mama, I'm sorry if I am not being a great daughter. But I just want you to know that I really love you. You are so priceless. I don't mind if abah is not standing beside me on my important day. I don't mind if some people says that I'm not matured enough. I don't mind if people says that I only have you in my life. Although our Prophets also says that, "we must precede our mother, then our father." That is what I'm doing now. Because your loves are more valuable than others. Miss you so much.

xoxo, L

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