September 29, 2010

him ?

let me tell u..
ok.. it just happen..
i dont know wat time..
i cll him..
a few times...
but when he answer it, he is in the bank
withdraw his money...
how much? i cant tell you.. sorry..
hmm... xpe la kan...
then ble dye da msok kete..
i ask him why he did all this things to me..
the answer is, he has to...

and the latest is..
dye ckp yg i ni btol2 nyusah kan dye spnjg ktorg cpl..
and thats y lar dye tkar email ngn password dye...
serezly..i mmg sedey sgt..
but i have to be a strong girl..
i have too... without him...
i love him.. since the day i accept him on our first day...
but he doesn't know bout dat..
i'm sorry mirul...
the thing dat i know is..
i love you so fucking damn much!
and i'm afraid losing you in my life...
i really mean it..

always love,

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