July 9, 2011

just realize

10 July 2011, 0255am

salam to all muslim !
10 hri bulan..
argh !! tolong lah lya !
jgn nk ingt sgt kot ?
xde gune dah..
serezly, its OVER !
ok ? over...

back to title..
act, lya bru prasan yg blog ni dah sthun lbey dah..
although x byk sgt post...
but this blog actually about us..
not me.. but hey ! we are over !
again, OVER !
face it lya...

Ya Allah.. kuatkanlah aku..
perbetulkanlah kesalahanku..
sedarkan aku dari dunia yang nyata ini..

okay, dah tenang.. =)
lya harap awak happy sangat-sangat-sangat skrg..
sbb kalo awk hppy, sye pn hppy..
ye, mmg skt ble tgk awk hppy..
tp sekurang2nye sye tw awk da lpe kn sye..
sye mnx maaf dr hjug rambut sampailah hjug kaki..
to that girl, plz, do not hurt his feeling..
he is too good to be fool.. take a good care of him..
make sure he is taking his medicine when he is not feeling well..
don't do or ask him to do something that doesn't want to do..
be nice with his parents, if not you are in trouble..
and, don't make him realize that everything that you do are just like what i love to do before..

that's all. thank you.
all i said are come from my heart.. trust me, you won't regret..

p/s : lmhmfmn =)

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