January 1, 2012

The Last Airbender

Mon, Jan 2 / 0116am

Salam Readers !
I can't talk to much right now
Not exactly talking actually
Back to title, The Last Airbender
I've watched this movie
With one of my exie
I still remember when we argue when deciding what movie we would like to watch
I can't remember what was the other movie
But he really-really want to watch this movie
Then I've no choice except, accept it
I tough that this movie was so damn much bored
But hey ! I was good !
I'm the who watched the movie excitedly !
By watching the movie, now I know that I used to watched it when I was young
I called that movie Avatar
And yes, it is Avatar !
Ok that's it !
I want to continue watching this movie
Although it is one of my memories with him, I don't care
At least, he's still a part of my life
Take care fellas !
Have a blast !

xoxo, L

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