January 1, 2012

The door is opened for 2012 !

Sun, Jan 1 / 1610pm
Salam Readers + Followers !
Have a blast on this new year !
Some people asked me, with whom I'm going to celebrate this new year
And my answer, I'm going to celebrate with my mum
Yes, my mother
Where ? what did you guys doing ?
At home. We watch television together
That is best answer for me
I don't care if you said that I'm being a good daughter to her
But the truth is, I'm not good enough
People will asked me, why I didn't celebrate with the love ones ?
My answer will, my mother, my family is my love ones
Although I've someone special
But he's not special enough for me
I don't care how many man I've meet
I only accept the one who meet my mother and asked for permission
That person will be the special person in my life
OK, forget bout that
Today will be my last day of my mid-term holiday
Tomorrow I'm going back to Malacca
Thank God I've finish my assignment
For those who celebrate New Year last night
I bet all of you must be enjoy watched the fire-works, don't you ?
Before it's to late
I'm wanna wish all of you
May ALLAH bless us !

p/s : i miss my rainbow !

xoxo, L

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