February 29, 2012

Are You Interested ?

Thur, Mar 1 / 0226am

Salam Readers !!
First entry on 1st March !!
Thanks for viewing my blog and reading my too bored entry
Actually, I have no idea why I'm typing here, right now, yes now
See, I've told yarr, this entry was bored
Then why are you keep reading on it ?
Are you interested enough on my entry ?
Try to figuring out what was my main idea ?
Great then ! I bet you still reading huh ?
Are sure you don't wanna close this entry ?
Last chance peeps, or else you will regret for reading till the end of my entry

Well, Assalamualaikum Readers !
And hello to non-muslims
Thanks again coz still stick on my entry
I bet there is a lot of people had just leave this entry
Let them be, blog is public isn't ?

So, regarding on my title
"Are You Interested ?"
In our daily life, we have so many thing to get
Either it is a simple things or not
We will try to get it no matter what, right ?
Me, myself also feel what you feel
I used to get involved in such an immoral activities

But thanks to Allah 
I'm not that type of person who keep doing those things
Yes, I might be social before, but I know my limit
I bet there would be a person who will condemn me, judging me, etc
 Keep doing that, I'm not losing anything
But Allah give me some guidance to become much more better

Sharing with you what did I do ?
Na'ahh, it is just enough if you that I'm not a good person as you tough
But at least, I'm trying to be much better then I was
I'm trying to learned from my experience
I will make sure that I'm not going to repeat the same mistake again
Pray for me to keep avoiding me from making a mistake

Kalaulah anda tidak mampu untuk menggembirakan orang lain, janganlah pula anda menambah dukanya. #renungan

Yang telah berlalu biarkan ia berlalu, yang mendatang hadapi dengan cemerlang. #motivasi

-->note,month of difficulty

p/s: Happy Marchie Day !

xoxo, L

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