February 29, 2012

First thing on March

Thur, March 1 / 1345pm

Salam Readers !
Alhamdulillah, finally there is no more rats
I hope it will last forever
Seriously, I'm totally sick with those stupid things
Before you wanna mess up with me, look at yourself first
Are you tough enough ?
If yes, try to mess me up with an irrelevant matter
If not, back off
Yes, I'm talking for those person who are trying to mess with me
It is an honored for you to come and visit my blog readers

First thing on March, early on this month
I got an invitation from my BFF
I'm going to attend her wedding !
She is my first friend who married
After 2years being engaged with her future husband
While her friends including me still searching for the right man
We so jealous with her, right myza , syina 
And others ex-classmate ?

from miss to mrs
But don't worry miss B2B, lysa 
We love you so much !
We are going to miss you sayang !
Please, arrange a date so that we will spend our time together
Although it is for our last time
What I mean is, before you are getting pregnant
Wahh ! Am I think it too fast ?
If yes, that means I wanna new nephew !
Ahaks !~

What more on March ?
Wait till I made up a new entry
Danke Liebe !

p/s : miss my old times. nak balik sana !

xoxo, L

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