March 13, 2012

insomnia me !

Wed, March 14 / 0555am
Seriously !! I can't sleep !!
This is the reason
I don't know why I can't sleep.. I keep on turning from left to right.. From right to left.. And so on.. Plus with the phone keep on ringing with the message tone.. My sister text me.. She also can't sleep.. My old friend text me.. My house-mates listening to music , also I asked her to so that I cansleep.. But then, I still can't sleep..  Oh my ! Why now ?? I've to study for whole day today !! I have 4 days left until my next paper.. Which is, LAW !! And now, Azan Subuh.. Ya Allah, give me some strength.. Aminn..

p/s : pray for me readers !!

xoxo, L 


Rtp Farra Arisha said...

waaa, you must be so tired because of tidur lewat dan seringkali memikirkan pasal pelajaran. apapun, i wish you good luck and all best to you...!!

chocolove said...

hey there, thnx ;)